Resonator method: Split cylinder resonator for permittivity measurement 10 GHz-80 GHz

Easy to use mm wave low loss dielectric test

  • Ideal for evaluating low loss dielectric materials with tan δ 0.01 or less
  • Easy and reproducible dielectric material measurement in millimeter wave band with excellent fixture design
  • Unique excitation mechanism extends the upper limit frequency to 80 GHz
Figure: split cylinder
Figure: split cylinder

The millimeter wave material market has changed drastically by 5G and automotive radar, which requires an easy to use and accurate material test solution at mm wave frequencies. Answering this requirement, our split cylinders are very widely used in the growing markets.

About technical information, refer to "Resonator Method Technology Overview."

How to prepare your measurement sample, refer to "Proper sample preparation is the first step in accurate measurement."

Stay home and measure 5G materials: EM labs split cylinder Link to YouTube

System Configuration Example

  • Keysight PNA millimeter wave test system N5290A (110 GHz)
  • Permittivity measurement software
  • 1 mm test cables
  • Split Cylinder Resonator 80 GHz CR-780
  • Windows PC

∗Split Cylinder resonators are available from Keysight Technologies

Product Line-up

Model Description Res Mode Q factor Connectors
CR-710 Split Cylinder Resonator 10 GHz TE011* >20,000 2.92 mm(f)
CR-720 Split Cylinder Resonator 20 GHz >14,000
CR-724 Split Cylinder Resonator 24 GHz
CR-728 Split Cylinder Resonator 28 GHz
CR-735 Split Cylinder Resonator 35 GHz >10,000
CR-740 Split Cylinder Resonator 40 GHz
CR-750 Split Cylinder Resonator 50 GHz >7,000 2.4 mm(f)
CR-760 Split Cylinder Resonator 60 GHz >6,000 1.85 mm(f)
CR-780 Split Cylinder Resonator 80 GHz 1 mm(f)

* The electric field is parallel to the test sample.

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