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Our solution for successful material measurements

In microwave material measurement, it is essential to select a right measurement method according to measurement objectives. We develop, manufacturer, sell, and support a wide variety of material test solutions for your successful material evaluation.

In addition to dielectric constant and magnetic permeability, reflection and transmission characteristics are available on the S-parameter method.

The overview of our products for material measurements

Emphasis on the Quality of our fixture and support

Reliable high quality fixtures are absolutely necessary for accurate and repeatable material measurements. With more than 30 years of experience, we continue providing high quality test fixtures containing our measurement know-hows. We also emphasize technical support to make sure that our customers can measure successfully from the beginning and for many years.

Resonator Method

Resonator method technology overview

The resonator method enables high-accuracy measurement, therefore it is ideal for evaluation of low loss dielectric materials.
By applying our harmonic resonance of the rectangular waveguide to the resonator method, accurate multi-frequency-point measurement becomes available.
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Product line-up

Figure: fixtures of resonator method

S Parameter Method: ideal for evaluating the frequency response of the material

S Parameter Method Technology Overview

It is possible to calculate the permittivity/permeability based on the S parameter of the transmission line including the material to be measured.
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Product line-up

Figure: Free space method test fixture
Figure: Waveguide sample holder fixture