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Microwave/mmWave Material Measurement

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Microwave/mmWave Material Measurement


Free Space extended to 330 GHz

Our free space solution becomes “6G Ready”, covering up to 330 GHz. The model number changes to FS-330 from FS-110 accordingly. Return to EM Labs upgrade is available for the FS-110 shipped after August 2019.

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In microwave material measurement, it is essential to select a right measurement method according to measurement objectives.

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Cavity resonator for dielectric constant measurement 1 GHz-10 GHz

Ideal for evaluating low loss dielectric materials with tan δ 0.01 or less.
Easy operation: simply inserting a rod-shaped sample
Efficient and reliable measurement with our software
Robust hardware provides reproducible measurements over the years

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Split cylinder resonator for dielectric material measurement 10 GHz-80 GHz

Ideal for evaluating low loss dielectric materials with tan δ 0.01 or less
Easy and reproducible dielectric material measurement in millimeter wave band
Unique excitation mechanism of the upper limit frequency to 80 GHz

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Free space method test fixture 18 GHz-330 GHz

No need for anechoic chambers or absorbers
Easy to move and install lightweight design
1 μm precision antenna positioner, enabling accurate measurement

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Waveguide Sample holder Fixture 8.2 -40 GHz

Easy operation and repeatable results

Low introducing cost

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Sample Preparation

Proper sample preparation is the first step in accurate measurement.

Since the size of the sample is used to calculate the permittivity and permeability, the sample size measurement error directly affects the permittivity and permeability.

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